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If you are in the military (whether it be active or reserve), are a transitioning veteran or a member of a military family and need help, support or information, please contact us. We have resources and staff ready to assist you directly in a variety of ways.  We are linked with local, state and national networks of people who can help.

You can contact us via email or tell us a bit more about your interests by completing this form. We will respond back to you promptly—typically within just a couple of hours. If you prefer, you can always call us at 908-273-4122. Count on Bonds of Courage to support you throughout the process.


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    Building relationships
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    Career Fitness Program
    Mentor Veterans Program
  • Provisions
    Care packages for deployed troops
    Care packages for homeless Veterans

Find the Support You Need

Bonds of Courage maintains a database of job opportunities and corporate employment contacts.

  • Let us know about your opportunity. Jobs are listed free of charge. Send us the name, telephone and email of the person to be contacted, as well as a complete job description. Jobs will remain posted for 120 days unless we’ve been notified that the positions have been filled. If you’d like to keep a job listing active after 120 days have elapsed, please let us know. Submit the job opportunity here.
  • If you are a veteran who needs a job, click here.

If you have a health concern, either emotional or physical, please call us at 908-273-4122 or email us. Our professional staff will talk with you in confidence about your concerns and help you identify the best resources available to you. We are proud to tell you that Bonds of Courage has a dedicated liaison within the Veterans Administration who can facilitate you getting the help you need.

If you are a deployed service member, a veteran, or military family member who is concerned about your family, including your spouse, children, and extended family, Bonds of Courage wants to help. Our professional staff is here to discuss your concerns with complete confidentiality and to assist you directly or through additional services to solve your family concerns. Like you, we know how your loved ones can be impacted by your service, your deployment, your return, your successes and your struggles. To speak with our professional staff call us at 908-273-4122 or email us.

Managing your finances is as necessary for building a good life as keeping a healthy body, a clear head, and decent relationships. You might want to learn how to build a budget. Maybe you have combat pay savings that you want to manage wisely. As you rebuild your civilian career, you may be managing pay check-to-pay check, for now. Maybe you’re trying to decide whether to buy a new car or a used one.

Bonds of Courage has professionals in the world of finance to provide information and guidance to help you and your family to handle your money wisely. To speak with our professional staff call us at 908-273-4122 or email us.